Diploma in Bakery and Pastry Arts


A creative yet technical program, Certificate in Baking & Pastry Arts emphasizes speed, coordination, and teamwork when preparing pastries from scratch. Topics such as cake and pastry preparation, frozen desserts, chocolate, regional desserts, and cake decorating are specifically included in courses that are designed to prepare students to seek entry-level employment in baking and pastry-making.

Through hands-on experimentation, students can have the opportunity to discover the tools and techniques used by industry to achieve professional results. The curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation that is designed to enhance the student’s knowledge and skills in the kitchen and is designed to prepare them to seek entry-level positions within the baking and pastry industry.

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Course Outlines

1 Introduction to Hospitality Industry 6
2 Food Safety & HACCP 6
3 Safety at Work 8
4 Baking Essentials 6
5 Yeast Based Doughs 6
6 Pastry Doughs 6
7 Egg Based Desserts 6
8 Cakes (Production, Filling & Icing) 10
9 Chocolate Confectionary 6


Registration Fees

Rs 5,000

Uniform, Kit and Supplies

Rs 10,000

Admission Fees

Rs 35,000

Total Fees

Rs 75,000

Tuition Fees

Monthly Fees

Duration of this course is 5 Months

Rs 8,000

Admission Policy

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