Certificate of Culinary Arts


Certificate in Culinary Arts lasts 5 months in duration and prepares students for entry-level employment in Hotels, restaurants, catering companies, and other culinary establishments.
Students learn the basics in international food preparation through lectures and hands-on practical sessions. After completing the 5-month course, students can go through an Internship program to experience actual kitchen operations.

This program is additionally designed to help experienced chefs gain recognition and qualifications by acknowledging their current skills and talents and providing training wherever needed.

Course Outlines

1 Introduction to Hospitality Industry 4 Theory
2 Soft Skills 4 Theory
3 Food Safety & HACCP 4 Theory
4 Prepare Stocks, Mother Sauces & Roux 5 Practical
5 Knife Skills 4 Practical
6 Prepare, Cook & Present International Breakfast 4 Practical
7 Prepare & Present Salad & Dressing 5 Practical
8 Prepare, Cook & Present Pakistani Cuisine 8 Practical
9 Prepare, Cook & Present Chinese Cuisine 8 Practical
10 Prepare, Cook & Present Continental Cuisine 10 Practical
11 Prepare, Cook & Present Fast Food 4 Practical


Registration Fees

Rs 5,000 (Non-Refundable)

Uniform, Kit and Supplies

Rs 15,000

Admission Fees

Rs 10,000

Total Admission Fees 

Rs 25,000

Total Fees 

Rs 40,000

Tuition Fees

Monthly Fees

Duration of this course is 4 Months.

Rs 10,000

Admission Policy

By applying to Crown Q, you are taking a big step in fulfilling your dreams to become an industry professional or an accomplished amateur chef.

We aim to keep the admission process simple and personal. We encourage you to speak to one of our admission coordinators to discuss the course program, seat availability, and admission requirements.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us directly on +92 2199242998 or send us a message by visiting our contact us page.

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